Are Bidets Only For Old People?

Are Bidets Only For Old People?

Short answer - No.

Longer answer - Still no. Everyone poops right? As we have explained before in our FAQ, water is simply superior to wiping. This is why we wash our hands when they are dirty, and wash the rest of our bodies daily (hopefully). The misconception that a bidet is solely for those who have difficulty wiping is just a manifestation of our unfamiliarity with bidets, and fear of our behinds getting nozzle action. 

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Yes, the first time bidet user may look a combination of disturbed and confused (I know I did) when that stream graces your tuchus, however your expression after feeling 1000% cleaner and refreshed compared to wiping will be a stark contrast. Hygiene is universal, and there is no reason why it should stop at your stool. 

Men, women, and children of all ages can benefit from a bidet, because we all poop. However, women may get extra value out of a bidet, thanks to the front wash. The front wash, or feminine spray, is handy to help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs), and maintain cleanliness during menstruation.

There are even more health benefits of a bidet, especially for those with chronic gastro-inflammatory ailments, like Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Flareups from these conditions can make bowel movements frequent, and the extra wiping can devastate the tissue and skin down there; not to mention the extra toilet paper flushed. Unlike wiping, a bidet gently washes and soothes your behind, which saves your skin from unnecessary irritation and your wallet from toilet paper.  

Speaking of your wallet, the best part of bliss in the bathroom is how accessible the modern bidet is for every household. From the $49 Bio Bidet Slim Twist to the $1300 Toto S550e, there is a bidet for all budgets. Both these options are easy to install, but are they easy to use? Some readers unfamiliar to bidets may have some questions, like "How do you use a bidet?" We will will answer this question and others like, "Should you wipe first?" in an upcoming blog post, coming soon.