How To Install a Bidet Toilet Seat In Six Steps

How To Install a Bidet Toilet Seat In Six Steps

Installing a bidet in your bathroom can offer many benefits for your health and the environment. You'll feel much cleaner and will no longer be dependent on toilet paper, but how do you install one?

The classic bidet (meaning pony in French) is a standalone fixture that is typically found next to the toilet. You can still buy these today, however they occupy as much space as a toilet, install like a toilet, and are no longer necessary thanks to many advancements in bidet technology.

A classic bidet installed next to a toilet

The modern bidet is simple to install, and occupies no more space than your old toilet seat, because bidets have been integrated into toilet seats. The bidet toilet seat adds bidet functionality to your toilet, so anybody with a toilet can now have a bidet, and you do not need a plumber or specific skills to install one. 

A modern bidet seat with side-arm control panel (remote controlled options available)

Tools Required

You don't need any special tools to install a bidet. All models on our website will come with all parts you need and require a few common tools plus around 30 minutes of your time:

  • Phillips-head or standard screwdriver to remove your old toilet seat
  • Small towel or bucket to catch any residual water
  • Adjustable wrench to loosen or tighten plumbing connections (not needed if supplied T-valve is plastic)

Six Steps To Transform Your Toilet

Step 1: Purchase a bidet seat that fits your toilet

Most toilet bowls are available in two shapes, round and elongated. This will determine what shape bidet seat you need. To figure out what shape your bowl is, follow our Bidet Fitment Guide with a tape measure. Once you know your shape, you can pick out the perfect bidet seat from our store. Be sure to check out our bidet seats that come with a 30 day risk free trial.

Note that most bidet seats require a GFCI electric outlet within 3-4 feet of your toilet, and we recommend going this route because electric bidet seats offer many more features and a better experience than non-electric bidets. However, an electric bidet seat is not a necessity if you do not have an electric outlet near your toilet, and non-electric bidets will still provide all the benefits of a bidet.

Step 2: Turn off the water supply to your toilet

Once you have your bidet at home, grab your tools and start by emptying your toilet's tank. You'll do this by first closing the valve that supplies the tank with water, then flushing the toilet. There may be some water left over at the bottom of the tank which is normal.

Step 3: Remove your toilet seat

Lift the covers that hide the bolts at the back of your toilet seat and with your screwdriver, remove the mounting bolts that hold your toilet seat in place. If you can access the bolts from under the bowl, there will be nuts that you need to hold while you loosen the bolts. Set the mounting bolts aside in a safe place because you’ll need them later. Give the exposed bowl a nice clean. 

If you cannot access the mounting bolts from under the bowl, you'll likely need a top mount installation kit. Contact us for help with this.

Step 4: Attach the bidet seat mounting plate

Most bidet seats fasten to your toilet bowl using a mounting plate. Place the plate over the bowl's bolt holes, insert the brackets that come with your seat, and hand tighten with the bolts you set aside before. Slide the bidet seat onto the plate until you hear a click. The fitment may require fine turning which can be accomplished by adjusting the position of the mounting plate.

Hand-tighten the mounting bolts, and slide the bidet seat onto the plate. You may need to adjust the position of the mounting plate to better align with your toilet.

See this video from Brondell for a general walkthrough of electric bidet seat installation.

Step 5: Connect the water supply

Before your bidet seat can wash you, it needs a water supply. You'll use the existing water supply for your toilet and a T-valve that will attach to the toilet's tank inlet. Get your adjustable wrench ready, because this part is fast.

Make sure you've turned off the water supply and drained your toilet's tank as much as possible. If you skip this step, you may flood your bathroom.

Find your toilet's water supply line (between the tank and the wall/floor). Using your wrench, loosen the side that connects to the toilet's tank. Some water may drip, but this is clean water. 

Screw on the T-Valve directly to the toilet tank where the water supply line was connected. If your bidet seat came with a washer, make sure the washer is seated properly in the T-valve, with the smaller side facing up. Connect the water supply line to the bottom of the T-valve.

Connect the supply line for the bidet seat to the last available spot on the T-valve and fasten the other side to the bidet seat. Tighten all connections with your wrench until they are secure.

If the water supply line to your toilet is not flexible, you can purchase one at any hardware store.

Step 6: Check for leaks

Turn on the water supply and check for leaks. If you see a leak, turn off the water supply and check that all connections are tight. Teflon/plumbers tape may help secure the connections as well.

Once you have checked for leaks, you can plug your bidet seat into a GFCI outlet if applicable. 

Getting Started

Once your bidet seat is plugged in, look for a quick start guide in the user manual. All electric seats will have a sensor in the seat that will prevent most features from activating unless skin is detected on the seat. If you would like to test the seat without sitting on it, cover the sensor with your hand first. If you press the wash button on the remote or control panel, be prepared for water to spray out of the toilet bowl. 

We hope this guide helped you install your bidet seat. If you're considering upgrading your bathroom experience, the installation process need not intimidate you. Bidets are slowly gaining popularity in America, but adoption lags due to a lack of information. If you have further questions, feel free to text, call, or email us with questions. You'll be enjoying the luxury, convenience, and wellness of a bidet seat in no time!


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