How to Use a Bidet Seat

How to Use a Bidet Seat

The modern bidet seat is a great advancement in bathroom hygiene. It allows us to better clean ourselves than using toilet paper alone, saves the space that a separate bidet fixture occupies, and is a therapeutic experience for all. 

The classic bidet fixture next to an average toilet seat

 Bidets like the one above have been around since the 1600s, where the elites of France would straddle the basin above to clean themselves. The word bidet stems from the French word for pony, because it is meant to be straddled. While these bidets do the job, the bidets we are discussing today are not straddled, but sat on like a toilet seat. However, a bidet seat is not your average toilet seat. 


A bidet seat in action. We suggest sitting before turning it on.

The bidet seat above is quite simple. It has one dial that you turn to activate the wash. To use, you sit down, do your business, wash, then dry yourself with paper. Just prepare yourself for cold water to splash you.  If you prefer a warm water wash, there are many options available.  Now we'll take a break and answer some questions.

Should you wipe before washing? Depends on the job and the bidet you are using. Bidets like the one above have a fixed stream, so washing different spots requires the user to shift on the seat. If you think you need to wipe so your bidet can get you clean, go for it.

Should you flush before washing? It may reduce debris getting stuck in your bowl, but also up to you. 

How long should you use the bidet for? You can hang out all day, but for reference an auto wash lasts around five minutes for wash and dry.

Does it hurt? It shouldn't, but if you're not used to water entering your body from down there it may startle you for the first few seconds.

Should you drink from the bidet? It is a cool water fountain, but probably not. 

The remote control for the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS

The remote above controls the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS, which is a bidet seat that has a nozzle just like the prior image, but also dries you, has a heated seat, has hot water, an auto wash and dry, and numerous other adjustments. As you can see, these buttons are self explanatory. After you do your business, you press the button that you need. This particular bidet seat should save you from having to wipe at all as the nozzle has the ability to oscillate and adjust water pressure.

As you can see, bidet seats are not complicated contraptions. They simply take the idea of a shower, butt-aim it directly at your posterior. There are many options and price points when it comes to purchasing your bidet, so if you are wondering what you need and where to start, ask us and we will be glad to help!