The Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat - A TOTO Level of Luxury?

The Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat - A TOTO Level of Luxury?

In the world of luxury bidet seats, there is no question that the Toto S550e has been the most popular for many years. With Toto's recent release of the Washlet S7/S7A series and retirement of the S550e, many have wondered if a new competitor will enter the marketplace to offer a fully featured bidet seat that also has automatic lid and flushing capabilities.

Enter the Ultra-NOVA series of bidet seats, which are the latest and greatest iterations of the fan favorite Eco NOVA bidet seat. In this post, we will delve into the features of this all new unit, along with pricing and availability.

 The new (and sleek) Ultra-NOVA bidet seat

According to the creators of this seat, the Ultra-NOVA was designed to be the pinnacle of bidet seats on the market. Measuring a meer 3.66" at its tallest point, it has managed to get our attention. To compare, TOTO's all new Washlet S7 series (and this seat's main competitor) measures 4.06" tall at the rear. That is extremely thin for a fully featured electric bidet seat with an automatic sittable lid and automatic flushing (optional). Below are some highlights we found for this seat: 

  • Sleekest profile on the market
  • Sleek lipless lid
  • Patented + version that offers auto flushing when paired with top flush toilet
  • Auto opening lid, with sittable lid if the auto opening is turned off (can support 330lbs)
  • Strong enema wash
  • Unlimited warm water driven by air bubble induction pump for a softer feeling spray
  • Warm air dryer along with a fully customizable cleansing experience
  • Side control can be used instead of the remote, and has an integrated nightlight
  • Self cleaning before and after use
  • Radio Frequency, Stainless Steel remote (RF remote is not affected by dark walls or small spaces like IR remotes.  
  • Silver-nano sterilization
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene plastic construction

We found the automatic and sittable lid on this unit to be a unique feature, as the only other unit we know of on the market that can also do both is the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS. If you do elect to sit on the seat, don't forget to turn off the auto-opening as we can see the motor struggling to open an occupied lid. 

The Ultra-NOVA comes in two variants, with the plus version accommodating automatic flushing through a piece of hardware that is added to the toilet tank. It works by pressing the flush mechanism after the remote is pressed or the seat sensor detects you have stood up. Note that this is only compatible with top flushing toilets, such as the TOTO Aquia

The Ultra-NOVA starts at $1,299, while the plus version is $1,349. With TOTO's new S7A sitting at $1372, there is now a new competitor in the luxury lineup of bidet seats. The Ultra-NOVA is available for presale now, with deliveries expected to commence in December of this year. In our next blog post, we will be thoroughly comparing the Ultra-NOVA and the Washlet S7A to see which is more worthy of sitting on your throne.