Toto Washlet Plus(+) - What is it?

Toto Washlet Plus(+) - What is it?

If you are shopping for a bidet to complete your toilet, you know that the bidet will at least require a water connection. If you are opting for a bidet with a heated seat, hot water, air dryer, or other electric features, you will also need to plug your bidet into the wall. 

Water connection for the Discovery DLS bidet seat

Discovery DLS bidet seat by Bio Bidet

The Discovery DLS illustrated above shows the two exposed connections that the seat requires to function. They aren't necessarily in the way, but what if you could hide them entirely? Enter the Toto Washlet+.

Toto Legato - Washlet®+ S7A One-Piece Toilet

The Washlet+ system above pairs a modern toilet with a bidet seat, integrated into one seamless package. The bidet seat requires a water and electric supply to function which is routed through a designated port at the back of the bowl (see photo below). Due to the affordability and simplicity of this setup, Washlet+ is a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their toilet or add a bidet to their bathroom.

Toto Legato toilet topless to show the Washlet+ port

The Legato one piece toilet shown above is considered Washlet+ because it allows for the water and electric lines of a compatible Washlet bidet seat to be routed through the hole and out the back of the toilet, instead of outwards and around the side of the toilet. Not all Washlet seats made by Toto are available in Washlet+ configurations, and a standard Washlet seat will have the connections designed to run out and around your toilet. The Washlet seats listed below are available in Washlet+ configurations. 

  • S550e (discontinued)
  • S500e (discontinued)
  • S7A
  • S7
  • C5
  • C2
  • SX
  • SW
  • RX
  • RW

While online, you can tell these Washlet+ seats apart from their mostly identical twins by the "T40" that will be at the end of their SKU number. Is it possible to use a non-Washlet+ seat on a Washlet+ toilet? Yes, it will fit, however you will likely have issues if you attempt to run the connections through the toilet. A non-Washlet+ seat orients the ports to go out and around the toilet whereas a Washlet+ seat goes down and through the hole shown above.

If you still have questions about Washlet+, contact us for help. To see the Washlet+ systems we sell, click here for the Washlet+ collection.